Published Photos

Amateur Photographer, 2015, November, p25, featuring ‘Snowdust’

Digital Camera World, 2016, January, p58-59, featuring ‘Snowdust’

Fotografen, 2016, No 2, p62-63, featuring ‘Snowdust’

Country Life, 2017, October, p40, featuring ‘Raindrops on the Washing Line’

The Guardian, 2018, 15 October, featuring ‘Raindrops on the Washing Line’

Amateur Photographer, 2018, October, p17, featuring ‘Moonrise Over Lavender’

Digital SLR Photography, 2019, January, p18, featuring ‘Raindrops on the Washing Line’

Photo Plus, 2019, January, p26, featuring ‘Moonrise Over Lavender’

BBC Countryfile Magazine, 2020, December, p63, featuring ‘Deer in Dawn Mist’

The Field, 2020, December, p134-5, featuring ‘Deer in Dawn Mist’

The Daily Mail, 2020, 3 April, featuring ‘Raindrops on the Washing Line’

The Daily Mail, 2020, 18 October, featuring ‘Deer in Dawn Mist’ and ‘Dawn a Fox Covert’

The Sunday Times Magazine, 2022, 23 October, p21, featuring ‘Before the Harvest’

Country Life, 2022, 26 October, p71, featuring ‘Before the Harvest’

Digital Photographer, 2022, 29 Nov, p88, featuring ‘Undulating Fields’



Landscape Photographer of the Year (LPOTY) Book


Collection 9, 2015, featuring ‘Snowdust’ (p146-7), ‘Pylons’ (p200), ‘Perseverance’ (p163)

Collection 11, 2017, featuring ‘Shades of Green’ (p182)

Collection 12, 2018, featuring ‘Raindrops on the Washing Line’ (p163), ‘Moonrise Over Lavender’ (p177 and back cover)

Collection 13, 2020, featuring ‘Dawn at Fox Covert’ (p120), ‘Deer in Dawn Mist’ (p130-1)

Collection 14, 2021, featuring ‘Bluebell Wood’ (p78-79)

Collection 15, 2022, featuring ‘Before the Harvest (80), Undulating Fields (82)

10 Year Special Edition, 2017, featuring ‘Snowdust’ (p279)




Several images exhibited at the LPOTY UK Railway Station traveling exhibitions every year from 2015 – 2022


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